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Chairman’s Speech

   On behalf of all the staff of our company, I would like to welcome you to visit our website, where you can find out the basic situation and the latest development of our company.
   Since the establishment of Chongqing Norsen Foreign Trade Development Co., Ltd, under the help of all friends, Norsen successfully achieved the first venture with the pioneering spirit and pragmatic work, which has injected vitality for the development of Norsen.

  The new century is full of new hopes and new opportunities. Flowers go with thorns as well as breeze with thunder. Today people of Norsen will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of“unity, diligent, pragmatic and innovation " and in the second venture continue to regard A PROMISE IS A PROMISE as service tenet. Norsen establishes good cooperation relationship with industries under customer-centric and market-oriented operation principle. Adhere to the development of the main industry as well as related industries. Carry out the strategy of talent development and open cooperation. Find a new position in the reform. Explore the new thinking in the opening up. Get the great development in innovation.

  Standing in the mountains, the vast plains can be seen; on the ground, mountains are more towering. We know that all rivers run into sea. Tolerance is the truth. We Norsen people will sincerely open arms to explore
talents all over the world and learn the essence of business philosophy. Learn from the experience of successful global companies, close to the pulse of the times and conform to the historical tide. Use passion and wisdom to create new glory for Norsen's success!